Distress of Being the Damsel Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Meet you at Midnight
Part 1




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“How’s it goin’?” Angel asked Wesley as the ex-Watcher prepared another spell.


“It’s goin’.”  He replied as he placed all necessary items in front of him. “Have you spoken with Gunn yet?”


“Not yet.  I think he’s still talking to his cousin from Bon Temps.”


At that moment, Gunn walked into Angel’s office while still talking into his cell phone.  He carried a couple white sacks in his other hand. “Thanks Tara.  No, it’s cool.  Yeah, I appreciate everything.”  He rolled his eyes. “Yes, I am sure I’m not mad.  Yes.”  He chuckled. “Well, at least you’re outta that hell hole.”


Gunn placed the sacks on Angel’s large oak desk and started to remove the contents.  The smell of hot hamburgers filled the office. He laughed. “Okay.” He looked at Angel.  “Some things never change.”


Angel raised his eyebrows.


“Yeah, I gotta go too.  You take care of that blood sucking sugar daddy of yours.”  He laughed. “Love ya girl.  Take care.”


After he slid his phone back into his pocket, he tossed a burger to Wes. “She gave me the name of her best friend.  Sookie Stackhouse.  Spike should be able to find her at Merlottes.”



“Okay.”  Wes put the burger off to the side and closed his eyes. In front of him was a map of Bon Temps.  He was attempting to repeat the spell they had performed earlier, only this time concentrating on the smaller area. 


He had just barely begun the spell when he felt wind begin to blow around the office. “That’s not supposed to happen.”


Angel and Gunn stood and watched as Angel’s memos started to blow around the room. “What did you do?” Angel asked as the wind picked up.  He almost expected to hear a clap of thunder.


“I think he ordered a twister.” Gunn replied as he ducked a heavier piece of debris.


“I don’t know.  This isn’t the spell I was performing.  This is something else.” Wesley watched in shock as the wind blew even harder.  He had to do something before the fake windstorm blew them out the glass windows.  As Buffy would say, that would be of the bad.


Gunn ducked as a book flew by his head. “What the hell, Wes!”



A woman’s giggle began to echo throughout the room as the mini tornado grew in strength.  The three men ducked and dodged books and paperweights as they tried to figure out what was going on. As Gunn spotted Angel’s weapon wall, the swords and axes began to tremble. 


“Oh shit!”


“Oh, that’s not good at all.” Angel stated as he looked in the direction Gunn pointed. “Do something!”



“I’m trying!  There’s another force here and it does NOT want us to look for Fred.” He grunted in pain when a letter opener stabbed him in the thigh. Wes could feel the rage as it rose through his gut.  He latched onto that anger, using it to power his magick he recently acquired.  He rose slowly to his feet, an almost feral look in his eyes as he surveyed the room. 


“Wes, it’s time for you to get on with the mojo!”  Gunn eyes widened when Angel’s throwing stars threw themselves in his direction.



ENOUGH!” Wes bellowed as he allowed his power to fill the room.  It grew eerily quiet when everything suddenly stopped. Angel and Gunn watched as Angel’s throwing stars froze directly in front of their faces. Another breath and then, as one, they dropped to the floor with a THUNK. 


The three men again heard the woman giggle again and watched helplessly as the map of Bon Temps suddenly caught on fire and burned to ash in a matter of minutes.


“New plan,” Angel stated as he began to pick his throwing stars off the floor and replace them on the wall. He then reached out to straighten the battle ax, thankful it decided to stay attached. “There is no way Spike can do this on his own.  He’s gonna need help.”


Wesley dug his wireless out of his pocket and began to dial. “I’ll call Willow.  I’m sure she can send someone...” He walked away as he waited for her to answer.


“I’ll get a hold of Sookie.” Angel said as he held his hand out to Gunn for Merlottes phone number.  “She needs to know what’s going on.  I’ll ask if she can help Spike.”


Gunn found a couple still wrapped burgers and eyed them hungrily. “I’m gonna finish eating.  I’m starving.” He plopped down on the sofa as he wondered what the hell they had gotten themselves into this time.



Willow answered her phone on the third ring. “Hello?”


“Willow?  It’s Wesley.”


“Oh, hi Wes!” she exclaimed as she gracefully sat down on her sofa.  A black cat stalked across the back of it and pressed its face against Willow’s hair as it asked to be pet. “How’s it going?”


“Not well, I’m afraid.  We have a situation.”


“Uh oh.  What happened Wes?  Is Angel okay?”  she then heard Angel in the background barking out orders. “I guess so.”


“Fred’s been kidnapped.”


“Oh my God!”


“Yes, we’ve been able to track her to Bon Temps, Louisiana.  Spike’s on his way to find her but he’s going to need help.”


“Oh, sure.  I’m sure I can find….” Willow gasped. “Spike!  Spike’s alive?  How?”


Wesley was silent for a moment.


“Didn’t Giles tell you?  Angel called him a while ago and explained what had happened.  Giles said he would fill everyone in on the information.”


Willow felt her eyes darken with her anger. “No, it must have slipped his mind.”  She sighed. “If he’s alive, why didn’t he contact us?  Or at least let Buffy know?”


“He couldn’t for a while.  He was incorporeal.  Fred managed to make him corporeal again, but that was just recently.  Spike considered calling you himself, but then he also thought Rupert would have told everyone.  He misses you all very much, but he knows you have your own lives now-as does he.  He knew it was time for everyone to move on.”


Wesley paused for a moment to let the information sink in then continued.


“But, back to the matter at hand.  Spike is on his way to Bon Temps now to find Fred and bring her home.  I do believe he could use help, for I’m afraid he’s in over his head but he doesn’t realize it yet.”


“Sure, I can make sure someone’s there.  It’ll probably be Xander, he’s the closest and he’ll be the easiest to transport. Just give me the details and I can pass them along.”


“Alright.”  Wesley gave Willow the name and place they were to meet their contact, along with important protocol.  “How is Xander?”


“He’s had it rough the past few months, but I think he is doing better now.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say Giles didn’t tell you?”


“Tell me what?”


“Xander was attacked.”


“Oh dear lord!” Wesley was shocked at the news, and at the fact the older watcher never mentioned it. “What happened?”


“He was passing through St. Louis looking for potential slayers and was mauled by a rogue were-hyena.  The hyena was executed, but Xander was infected.  Strangely, though, he’s not like the other hyenas.  I think it’s because of the Possession from a few years ago, but he seems to be stronger and faster than the others.  Not to mention, he can control his beast much better.  He is able to shift at will.”


“Oh my,” Wesley let that information sink in. “Do you think living on the Hellmouth had any effect on his beast.”


“I don’t know.  He’s not on the Hellmouth now, and he wasn’t attacked on one.  Personally, I just think we’re all kind of weird.  Nothing normal is ever going to happen to us.”


The ex-Watcher chuckled. “Very true, my dear, very true.” He sighed, “Please get a hold of Xander as soon as possible.  Spike will be landing very soon in Bon Temps.”


“Will do.  Take it easy Wes.  It was good talking to you.”


“Yes, you too Willow.  Goodbye.”



After Willow ended her call, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.  One of these days, Giles was going to get someone she cared for hurt by trying to protect his Scoobies.  And if that happened, she wasn’t sure she would be able to forgive him. 


Well, time to call her best friend.  Willow sat in the floor and closed her eyes.  She opened her mind and began to think of Xander.



Xander Harris lounged in the middle of a comfortable sofa that was nestled in the back corner of the dressing room of Guilty Pleasures.  As he watched his best friends prepare for their performances, he still found it hard to believe that he was friends with the “hot” male strippers at a club owned by the Master of the City of St. Louis.  It fascinated him how much people change over the course of a few months. 



He shook his head to clear his thoughts and watched with amusement as Nathaniel helped Gregory with his costume. Nathaniel had already performed and changed back into a pair of snug blue jeans and a stretchy black shirt.  They were both were-leopards, which Xander didn’t even know existed until he moved to St. Louis.  Nathaniel and Gregory belonged to the pard “run” by Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Necromancer, and now Master of the City’s human servant.  A couple years ago, Xander would have questioned that.  Now, however, he just let it be.  Things are the way they are, and bitching about the situation won’t change it.  Besides, he liked Anita she was a good friend, scary as hell sometimes, but a good friend.  She let him move in with her pard after Xander convinced Narcissus he did not have to stay with the Hyenas.  Surprisingly, Xander found he could be very convincing. 


Stephen, Gregory’s twin brother and a werewolf and finally fully clothed, plopped down next to Xander’s right side and laid his head on the larger man’s shoulder.  Xander rested his head Stephen’s for a moment then he began to absentmindedly pet the other man’s arm.  He had become very comfortable with the casual touching and more often than not, welcomed it.  Anita had said something about lycanthropes need for physical contact the first few days after he became infected.  She was very surprised how quickly he adjusted to it. But actually, Xander had always kinda been that way.  Since he didn’t have the physical contact at home growing up, well, besides his dad beating the shit out of him in a drunken stupor, he found casual contact with his friends very comforting.  It was never anything sexual, just comforting.


“Geez, Greg,” Xander said as he eyed the other man’s costume, “what’s the sense of stripping if you don’t have anything to strip out of.”



Gregory’s costume consisted of a silver thong which left nothing to the imagination and a pair of shackles that Nathaniel already put on his wrists.   



“What can I say?  Sometimes it’s nice just to take the lazy route.” The blond grinned at him. 


“Somehow, you don’t strike me as the lazy type, Greg.” Xander chuckled as Jason and reached out to playfully grab his ass. “It appears Jason agrees with me.”


Jason turned sparkling blue eyes to his new friend. “I’m tellin’ ya, with that body of yours, you could be a dancer.  I think you would enjoy yourself on stage if you would just let go of your inhibitions.  My god, you have more hang-ups than Anita, and that’s saying something.”  He made his way over to the sofa and plopped down on the left side of Xander but playfully placed his head in Xander’s lap so he could be seen.  His blue eyes sparkled as he grinned up at his friend


Xander smacked Jason’s forehead. “I’ve done something like that once before, after graduation, and I shall never do it again.  And as I’ve already stated, we shall never speak of it.”




Xander smacked his forehead again and continued. “Never speak of it!” He looked down at Jason who smirked back at him and wiggled his eyebrows. “You are hopeless.”


Nathaniel and Gregory joined the others on the sofa.  Gregory sat in his brother’s lap while Nathaniel sat on the floor and wrapped himself around Xander’s legs.  Xander’s beast felt content as he relaxed into the puppy pile.  Oh how the girls would envy him now.


“We would never try to force you into something, Xan.” Nathaniel said as he put his head on Jason’s chest and gazed up at Xander with his beautiful eyes.  He continued speaking softly to the dominate Hyena. “You are our friend, and we love you.  You keep us safe, like Anita does.  You protect everyone who is weaker than you and you don’t care what kind of shifter they are.  We trust you and we know you trust us.”


“Yeah,” Gregory said softly “We know you would never hurt us and we would never do anything to hurt you.”


Stephen snorted. “Like we could. I’ve seen you fight.  You are incredible and you know how to use weapons like Anita.  You could easily become Oba if you wanted to.”



“Yeah, I know.  But I don’t want to, I mean, me?  A leader?  Even I know that’s damn scary.” Xander grinned.  “Besides, why would I wanna do anything to hinder our friendship?  You guys are the best!  You….”  Xander trailed off, remembering a blond and a redhead he would say that two after he gathered them in a group hug.  Not anymore.  He was lucky if he even spoke to Buffy on the phone.  It hurt that the three of them drifted so far apart.  Sadness overcame the hyena and his eye filled with tears. 


The others felt the shift in his emotions and instantly began to sooth him.  Nathaniel gently ran his hand up and down his calf muscles; Jason snuggled deeper into his lap and raised his hand to pet the darker man’s hair.  Stephen and Gregory both snuggled deeper into his side.  While one twin ran his hand comfortingly over the back of Xander’s shoulders, the other moved his hand in comforting circles on Xanders chest and they both tried to bury their faces into Xander’s neck.  The leopards began to purr softly.


Once again, Xander allowed himself to sink into the comfort of the puppy pile.  He smiled as he wrapped his arms around his friends and gave them a squeeze.  His right hand rested on Stephen’s thigh while his left hand played with the chain on Jason’s neck.  Xander closed his eyes and sighed deeply.  He found he loved his friends more and more each day.


“Okay, since we can’t force him, do you think bribery would work?” Jason’s voice broke the silence.


Xander opened his eyes to glare down at Jason’s grinning face.  He then felt his own wicked smile grace his features before he asked his next question.


“That depends.  What do you have in mind?”



Right before the werewolf could answer, the scent of strawberries filled the room. 


“XANDER.” Willow’s voice filled Xander’s head.


“Holy Christ!” Xander exclaimed as he jumped so high he ended up throwing everyone, including himself, into a huge pile on the floor.  “How many times have I told you NOT to do that Will?  Warn a guy before you take over his brain!”


The other men looked at each other and then crowded around Xander’s face and waved. “Hi Willow!” they sang sweetly.


“Wow.” Willow’s voice came out of Xander’s mouth as she looked around with his sight. “Am I interrupting something, Xan?”  The corners of his mouth turned up into a sweet Willow-like smile.



Then, Xander’s own grin graced his face.  “Well, as you can see, I am with my harem.” 



The other men took the hint and chuckled as they pretended to please their “master”. 


“Oh….oh my,” Willow’s voice spilled out of Xander’s mouth once more before she cleared her throat.  She giggled as she watched the show. “You guys are so bad.”


“You have no idea!” Jason said as he crawled between Xander’s legs and began to lower his head.


“Okay!  Okay!  Enough!  The master is pleased!” Xander exclaimed as he pushed Jason’s eager head away from his crotch.  Willow chuckled again.   Then she turned serious.


“We have a situation Xan.  I need your help.”


The other men removed themselves from their friend.  They blew him a kiss, just for Willow’s sake of course, and left the room.


“What’s up Wills?”


“It’s my friend, Fred.  She’s been kidnapped.  And it appears our watcher friend has neglected to inform us Spike was back.  In fact, he’s looking for her as we speak.”


“What?  How?  What?” Xander exclaimed as he stood.  “Back?  How can he be back?  He died!”


“We should know by now, Xander, sometimes just because someone died doesn’t mean they stay gone.”


“Yet, sometimes it does.” Xander said softly as he remembered his Anya.  He felt Willow give him a mental hug.  “I’m sorry, Xan.”


“It’s okay.”  He took a breath and shook himself. “So, what do I need to do?”

Xander listened patiently as Willow gave him the rundown.


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Distress of Being the Damsel

 Chapter 4
Meet You at Midnight
Part 2

Spike was uncomfortably staring out of the windows of the jet.  He hated flying…god, he really hated flying, but he had to suck up his fear.  Soon, he was going to be landing in ten minutes, thank god, and then he could start his search.  He wasn’t sure where he should go first, but he knew Peaches would get a hold of him and shed some light. He also knew he would tear the bloody town apart if he had to.  His cell phone rang, and he grinned. “Right on time.”


“Charlie boy, you miss me?” Spike said when he saw who the caller was.



“You kidding?  It’s been so peaceful since you’ve been gone.” Gunn lied as he walked around the rubble in Angel’s office. 


“Yeah, right.” Spike grinned, “Peaceful?  With all the complaining Peaches does?  Good luck with that.”



“Hey, I have some info for ya.” 


“Alright,” Spike waited.


“Okay, you’ll be landing at Monroe Regional Airport.   Wes was able to get a hold of Willow, so she is sending someone to give you a hand while you’re there.  This is something way bigger than we originally thought.”


“How much bigger?”


“Almost–got-our-asses–kicked-in-Angel’s–office-with-his-own-damn-weapons bigger.” Gunn replied.  “You’re gonna need to be able to play with the other kiddies if we’re gonna do this.”


Spike rolled his eyes. “Fine.  Who’s Red sending?”


“She said you’ll know when you get there.” Gunn answered. “You are gonna need to head to Merlottes and ask for Sookie Stackhouse.  She will be able to show you around and give you guys a place to crash.  She will also take you to Eric Northman, who happens to be the sheriff of that area.  You need to get safe passage from him before you start looking for Fred.  He may even be able to help with your search.”


“Bloody hell,” Spike cursed as he leaned his head back against his seat. “Fine, I’ll play.  But if anyone gets in my way of finding Fred, I can guarantee no one will be able to find the body.  We clear?”


“Crystal.” Gunn replied.  “Well, I gotta run.  We’re trying to do everything we can.  Get whatever you need, do whatever you can.  But no matter what, bring her back.”


“I will, Charlie Boy.  You’ve got my word.  I’ll bring her back.  I promise.”


And Spike always kept his promise.



“I wish you didn’t have to go.” Nathaniel said softly as he helped Xander gather a few of the weapons he kept stashed at Guilty Pleasures. “I could come with you.  I could help.”


Xander looked at his new best friend and shook his head. “I’ll be okay, Nathan.  I promise.  It’s better for you to stay here, for Anita.  She needs you.”



“Yeah, I know, but she’s not here, remember?  She had to work a case out of state and Micah had to go with her.” 


“Still, if I took you with me and you got hurt, I don’t even want to imagine what Anita would do to my hide.”


Nathaniel drew Xander into a hug and turned his head so it lay flat against Xander’s chest.  He closed his eyes and listened to the strong heartbeat for a moment.


“You better come safe and sound.” Nathaniel whispered.  “Or I’ll send Anita after you.  She can raise the dead, you know.”



He smiled when he heard the deep chuckle. 


“Hey!  Quit hogging’ the hottie, Nathaniel!”  Zane said as he walked up behind them.  Zane plastered himself to the back of Xander and wrapped his arms around both men.  He put his chin on Xander’s broad shoulder and grinned wide enough for Nathaniel to see his dainty fangs. “Now this is what I’m talkin’ about.” He said in his low, growly voice.


“What are you doing here, Zane?” Nathaniel asked as he stifled a grin as he looked at Xander’s face.


“I’m picking you up.  Everyone else was busy with work or something.” Zane replied and then started moving against Xander’s back, an evil grin on his face.  Xander squirmed.


“Dude, personal space! And quit grinding yourself against my ass, Zane.”


“Oh yeah, harder baby!” Nathaniel panted playfully, “Push his hips this way.  Mmmmm.  Yeah.  Just like that.”


Xander protested as his friends bounced him between their bodies. “This is no fair, guys.  In fact, in many cultures this is considered molestation.  I’m sure of it.”


“Well, it’s about damn time!” Jason’s voice filled the room.  He grinned at the three of them then leaned out into the hallway. “Xan-man sandwich is on the menu. Come get it while he’s hot!”


“What!  No!  No no no!  Wait!”


In a flash, Jason, Gregory, and Stephen ran over to the trio and tackled the Xan-man sandwich.  Xander cursed as all six men tumbled into the floor, again, and the sound of laughter filled the dressing room.


“Okay.  Ow.” Xander’s winced as he tried to sit up.  “Zane, my man, I think I sat on your keys.”


The group tried to untangle itself.


“Um, guys, is that supposed to happen?” Zane asked as a light mist began to surround them.


“Is what supposed to happen?” Stephen asked.


“No, I’m pretty sure it’s not.” Jason replied as he tried to pull his arm out from under the twins.


Xander attempted to sit up, but couldn’t without hurting the others. “Why is it we always seem to find ourselves on the floor like this?  I’m telling ya, it isn’t normal.” He then turned his head and spotted the mist as it grew heavier. “Oh crap!”


“What is it?  What’s happening?” Gregory sounded a bit panicked.


“This can’t be good.” Jason struggled to move.


“It’s Willow.  She’s performing the teleportation spell.” The air in the room grew heavier, as if the mist was beginning to solidify.


“Oh boy.” Zane tried to struggle.  “I can’t seem to move.”


“Willow!  Not yet!” Xander tried again to move out of the pile, but it was as if a large hand held them all together. “Shit!”


“Why does it feel like we’re flying?”


“God, I think I’m gonna be sick.”


The group began to shimmer and then all of the men winked out of sight.  A thought raced through Xander’s mind as he blacked out.


“Anita is gonna kill me.”




Sam Merlotte kept a close eye on Sookie as she worked her way around the crowded bar.  That poor girl had been through so much in the past couple weeks it wasn’t even funny. He hated Bill Compton for breaking Sookie’s heart, he hated Eric Northman for worming his way into Sookie’s life, and he was angry with Sookie for caring for them both. 


Sam sighed when he heard his phone ring.  It better not be Arlene’s kids again.  He understood it wasn’t easy being a single parent, but a job’s a job.  They couldn’t keep calling their mama every time the babysitter pissed them off.


“Merlottes.” Sam answered as he wiped his counter off.


“Hello.  My name is Angel and I am calling from Wolfram and Hart law firm from Los Angeles, California.  I need to speak with Miss Sookie Stackhouse please.  It’s urgent.”



“Sure, hang on a minute.” Sam held his hand over the mouthpiece and called for Sookie. 


“What is it, Sam?” Sookie asked as she approached the bar.


“Phone call for you, some lawyer from L.A.  I’m gonna transfer it to my office.”


“Okay, thanks.” Sookie smiled at Sam then walked toward the back of the bar.  Her heart began to beat rapidly, and she had to concentrate on keeping her breaths even so she didn’t hyperventilate.  What on earth would a law firm from California want with her?


She walked into Sam’s office and picked up the receiver. “This is Sookie Stackhouse.  How can I help you?”


She wished she could read minds over the phone.


“Hello Sookie.  My name is Angel and I am CEO at Wolfram and Hart Law firm in L.A.  Don’t worry, you aren’t in any trouble.  As a matter of fact, we are, and I am hoping you would be able to help.”


“Me?  How would I be able to help you?”


“An associate of ours, Winifred Berkle, we call her Fred, was kidnapped this afternoon.  Our sources informed us she was taken to Bon Temps, Louisiana, however we don’t know who took her or why.  I have an associate on his way to find her, and he has someone to help him.  He is coming to meet you.  I would appreciate it if you would help him around the area, take him where he needs to go, and make sure he has a place to crash.  I will be able to pay you for your service and provide you with whatever you need.”


“Um, okay.” She answered, bewildered. “I will help as much as I can.”


“Excellent.  His name is Spike and he will be arriving in the next 45 minutes or so. You’ll know him when you see him.  Thanks so much for your help.”


“You’re welcome.  I will help as much as I can.”


After they said their goodbyes, Sookie went back to the bar and motioned for Sam.


“Everything okay, cher?” Sam asked quietly.


“Not really.  That law firm that just called, they had an associate kidnapped this evening and they found out she was brought here.  They have an associate coming out to find her, but they asked if I could help him, show him the area, stuff like that.  His name is Spike and he will be here in about 45 minutes or so.” She looked at her watch. “So, that would be at midnight.”


“Kinda puts new meaning in I’ll Meet You at Midnight, doesn’t it?” Sam asked.  He glanced over at Sookie’s confused look. “It’s the title of a song.”



Sookie just nodded. 


“They sent a lawyer named Spike?” Sam asked as he changed the subject.


“He didn’t say if Spike was a lawyer, he just said an associate.”


“Wow,” Sam looked at her. “LA’s got some weird people, huh?”



Sookie nodded as she thought to herself, an associate of a law firm who could only travel at night.  Gee, let’s take a guess at what he might be.


“Well, better get ready for this Spike character.” Sam said as he looked around the bar. “Where’d your brother go?”


“He left to see his girlfriend.  He probably won’t be back tonight.”  She noticed a new couple in her section. “I’ll let you know when Spike gets here.”


“You do that.” Sam said quietly as he went back to wiping down his bar.  He had to wonder if their lives could get any stranger.


Xander felt as if his insides were turned upside down.  He hated magick, and more often than not, found himself on the wrong end of one of Willow’s spells.  He tried to move his body, but found he couldn’t.  What the hell?  What was going on?  He then heard footsteps hurrying around and the sound of too many people talking at once.  Then a voice came on over the loudspeaker announcing boarding for the flight to Pittsburgh.  Ah, an airport.  He raised his head, slowly opened his eye and groaned after he realized his friends were still piled on him with the twins on top.  They all moaned as they tried to move.



After his eyesight adjusted, he found himself looking up into a very familiar face that mirrored his own confusion. Bright blue eyes stared back at him as an all too familiar smirk began to grace the sharp features. Xander closed his eye as he heard the other man chuckle wickedly and tried to wish for the floor to swallow him whole.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen. 


The blond vampire took a seat in front of the dog pile and cocked his scared eyebrow.


“So Harris, what Wonder Twin Power did you activate?”


Xander sighed as his head hit the tile floor with a thud.  Willow was in so much trouble.





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The Distress of Being the Damsel

Disclaimer:  Once again, I do not own any characters from Angel or the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  Those belong to Joss Whedon and Charlene Harris.  I am going to introduce two characters, however, Claude and Samuel.  They are the abductors we met in the first chapter.  I have not written this for profit, only for pleasure.


Chapter 3

                                                                                Part 1

The Big Deal with Bon Temps

Spike drove through the crowded streets of Los Angeles. He always thought the city appeared like some sort of adult carnival at night. All lit up with the bright florescent signs advertising everything from beer to sex.   He drove with Viper’s windows rolled down so he could use his night vision to scan along the darker, busy sidewalks for any sign of Fred.


 Young couples, a few of them quite drunk, walked together arm in arm toward a destination unknown.  Prostitutes, in their scantily clad clothing, stood provocatively on their street corners in hopes of finding a john to sample the wares.  Homeless men and women pushed shopping carts full of their worldly possessions and occasionally stopped by the garbage cans to scout for something useful.  Unfortunately, he found everything but Fred.


He pulled the Viper into a parking space outside a small yet posh coffee shop-the last place Fred was seen before her disappearance. After he cut the engine, he turned off the music, closed his eyes and tuned out the many noises of the busy street. Spike raised his head slightly, and sniffed the air, much like a wolf on the hunt.


He filtered through the various smells: coffee, pastries, perfumes, and other humans until he caught a whiff of something familiar. It was sweet and flowery at the same time, like warm sugar and jasmine. It was Fred’s scent, faint, but it was there.  He turned his head in the direction from where it came.  It was then he noticed a new scent.  It smelled of metal, gun oil, old musty, clothes and really bad body odor. Spike sighed.  Bugger.  He did not have bloody time for this.


He kept his eyes closed as he spoke to the young man who tried to sneak up to the driver’s side window. “I know you’re there, Sparky.  Move along.  Nothin’ you want here.”


“I kinda doubt that, pretty boy.” The man stated before Spike heard the hammer as it was cocked back on his small handgun.


Spike opened his eyes and came face to face with a small .22.  The owner of the weapon held it close to his body, hidden by the oversized jacket to keep it from being seen from passersby.  His eyes then rolled up to see a dirty young man, no older than 19, with shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes. He looked like a younger, dirtier version of the Slayer’s whelp back in SunnyD. The carjacker narrowed his eyes and smirked at Spike, believing he actually had the upper hand in the situation.  The blond vampire met the cocky dark brown eyes with bored blue ones. 


Normally, Spike would entertain the idea of letting some schmuck drive off in one of Angel’s cars just to piss the poof off.  Not like Captain Forehead couldn’t replace the damn thing. But the current circumstances, however, didn’t warrant such an action.

“I suggest you move along, mate.  I’ve got things to do.”


“Don’t think I can do that, pretty boy.  See, I sure like this car of yours.  So you’re gonna get your ass out of it and let me…”


The young man’s voice faded away as Spike morphed into his game face.  With lightning speed, his hand flew out of the open window, grabbed the damn gun, and effortlessly bent the barrel. After he tossed the now useless weapon into the passenger seat, he opened the driver’s door and gracefully slid from the car.


The young carjacker backed away, only to find himself forcibly grabbed by a very pissed off vampire. Spike held the little bastard by the front of his jacket and shoved his own demon face into the other man’s until they were nose to bumpy nose.  The carjacker whimpered when Spike grinned and showed off his very sharp fangs.


“You know, I’ve had meself a real bad day,” Spike said as he gave the man a shake. “Bloody wankers have been threatenin’ me with all kinds of shit today.  That alone’s enough to piss off a bloke. To make matters worse, I find out my girl’s been taken.”


Still holding the poof with one hand, he reached deep into his duster pocket with the other, whipped out a picture of Fred, and shoved it into the carjacker’s line of vision.  “During your damn pitiful attempts to be the big bad, have you seen this woman today?”  When Spike grit his fangs and growled, he smelled the strong scent of urine come from the young man.




“Alright then.”  The vampire shrugged, allowed his human face to show again and put the picture back into his pocket. Spike then glared at the shaking young man as he trembled in his now very wet pants.


“Lucky for you, I’ve mended my ways, and people are off the soddin’ menu.  But if we meet like this again, I’ll toss my mended ways aside and I will bloody well eat you for breakfast.  We clear?” Spike growled.


The carjacker rapidly nodded.  “Crystal clear.  Sorry, very sorry.  Won’t happen again!” He gasped.


“Good.  Now piss off!” Spike shoved the man away watched the little bastard run as fast as he could in the other direction.  “Bloody wanker.  Gonna get himself killed, he is.”


Spike stomped into the bakery and showed the picture of Fred to the employees behind the counter, as well as several customers as they waited for their beverages.  One cashier confirmed she saw Fred earlier that evening, but that Fred was alone, as far as she could tell.  No, Fred did not get into a car with anyone, but she did take a left after she walked out the door.  When Spike commended the girl for having such a wonderful memory, she merely blushed and said she thought Fred was cute and enjoyed hearing the Southern accent when Fred talked.


Spike cocked his eyebrow at that, then smiled and nodded his thanks.  He entertained the image of his Fred and the cute little cashier getting to know each other better back at his apartment as he walked out the door of the coffee shop, turned left, and followed the scent trail Fred left behind.




Books and maps were scattered about Angel’s office.  The smell of Chinese food and frustration lingered in the air as the three men continued their search for Fred behind the scenes.  Angel sat at his desk and glared at map after map of the LA area as if the answer to Fred’s whereabouts would just suddenly pop up and screams “HERE I AM!”


Gunn lounged in Angel’s oversized leather chair and engrossed himself in some strange book about kidnappers and ransoms.  Angel was pretty sure the book was titled Kidnapping Etiquette for Dummies.


“Well, we haven’t received a ransom call yet, have we?”  Gunn asked as he looked up at Angel and Wesley.


“No.” The two answered in unison.


“Then it’s probably not money they’re after, which surprises me.  They could ask for any amount they wanted.”


“Do we even know if it’s a ‘they’, and not a ‘he’ or a ‘she’?” Angel asked.


“Naw, I’m just speculating.


A few more moments of silence, then Angel threw the maps off his desk and sat back with a scowl. “This is useless!” he exclaimed.


“Yes, especially since the maps are now down there.” Gunn retorted as he pointed to the mess of maps in front of Angel’s desk.


“Aha!” Wesley exclaimed as he bounced up from the loveseat.  “Here!” He held the large, leather bound book in front of him.


“You found Fred in there?” Angel asked as he pointed to the book.


“No, not Fred.  But I did find a locator spell.” Wesley announced triumphantly. “I can get all the ingredients from the lab.  I only need something of Fred’s.  A brush, a comb, or even a toothbrush would work.”


“Fred keeps those things in her office for when she spends the night here.” Gunn said as he jumped up from the leather seat.


“Good.  Go grab whatever of hers you can find.” Angel ordered as he stood


“On it.”


“What else you need, Wes?” Before Wesley could answer the doors to Angel’s office flew open.


“Hey kids,” Lorne greeted as he walked into Angel’s office. “The morgues and hospitals are all Fred free, which is kinda a blessing in disguise.  But still no Fredikins.  How are you fellas doing?”


“Wes found a locator spell.” Angel answered as he made room for the ritual.


“Oh good.” Lorne brought a green hand up to his neck, “It doesn’t require the arterial blood of a demon again, does it?”


“No, not this time.” Wes smiled as he remembered the green demon whining about spells using arterial demon blood instead of the more plentiful demon urine.


“Even better.  Whacha need me to do now?”


“I’m heading to Fred’s office for the other supplies.” Wes walked to the door. “I could use a clear, white quartz if you have one.”


“I believe I do.  You’d be amazed at what those Hollywood starlets are into nowadays.” Lorne answered as he headed for the door, “I’ve got more crystals and funky rocks all over my office than Liz Taylor has diamonds. Some are for luck, some are for healing.  I think I even have one that makes a woman’s boobs grow bigger for a special occasion.”  He noticed confused looks from Angel and Wesley. “Don’t ask.”


Lorne grew more serious as he looked at Angel.  “You know, if you do happen to need arterial blood for that spell, I would be offended if you didn’t come to me.  I’ll even chop off a body part, if it would help find her.”


“Thank you, Lorne.”


The green demon nodded, then left in search of the quartz Wesley needed.


“A crystal to make a woman’s…assets grow larger.” Wesley murmured. “Interesting.  Cordilla would have liked that.”


The men share a look that was part loss and part amusement.


Angel walked to the front of his desk, then crossed his arms and leaned against it. “Alright.  Everyone meets back here in 10.” He paused, his eyes filled with pain and frustration.  “It’s Fred, Wes.” Angel looked at his long time friend.  “We have to find her.”


“We will.”


Fred struggled against the rope around her wrists.  It was a bit easier now since she was able to work her hands around to the front. Not to mention the pain in her shoulder was not as bad.  Aha!  She felt triumphant when the ropes fell off and she rubbed her sore wrists.  Five years in an alternate antihuman dimension taught Fred the skills she needed to survive. She brought her knees up to her chest and quickly worked on the ropes that tied her feet together.  She breathed a sigh of relief when her feet were finally freed.


With step one complete, Fred wasted no time to move on to step number two.  Find a weapon.  She knew that being in the trunk of a car meant at some point someone would have to open the lid to let her out.   When that time came, she wanted to be ready.


Fred ran her hands carefully yet quickly around the dark trunk.  Her fingertips slid over items that felt like motor oil containers, but unfortunately they turned out to be empty. She continued to walk her fingers around the rough carpet, blindly searching.  Suddenly her index finger touched something long, cold, hard, and metal.  A crowbar.  Perfect


Fred smiled as she wrapped her small hand around her newfound weapon and squeezed.  Amazingly, it made her feel safe and somewhat secure.  She began to search again to see what else she could find.  Her hands ran along the edges of the trunk and dipped into the small crevices the trunk walls and the carpet. Then suddenly to her surprise, she found a few little glass vials.


Fred picked one up and explored it with her fingers.  It had some sort of label on the front of it and a hard, plastic, screw on top.  She carefully opened the vial and smelled its contents.  Water.  A little vial containing water.  Oh please, God, let it be holy water.


After a little more searching, she found nothing else in the trunk she could use.  Now it was just a waiting game.  She could use the crowbar to try to pry the trunk open, but then that would only catch the attention of her abductors.  Not to mention, she didn’t know how fast the car was traveling nor where she was.  She had no intention of jumping out of one fast moving vehicle onto a highway only to be run over by another fast moving vehicle.


No, she would lie silently and wait.  She could use the element of surprise; and after that, she could use the element of metal and, hopefully, pain.


So Fred situated herself so she could spring up as soon as the trunk opened.  She then closed her eyes and waited.


Marilyn Manson blared from the speakers of a midnight black 1970 Cutlass Supreme. The car sped, headlights off, down Interstate 167 en route to Bon Temps, Louisiana.   A handsome Cajun man with unruly black hair and amber colored eyes sat at the wheel and used his perfect night vision to guide the car. His passenger, a young slender toe headed man with bright green eyes drummed his fingers against his jean clad leg.  They sat quietly; and only their heads moved to the rhythm of the music while Marilyn Manson’s voice purred wickedly from the car’s speakers.

Babble babble bitch bitch 

Rebel rebel party party

Sex sex sex and don't forget the "violence"

Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely

Stick your STUPID SLOGAN in:

Everybody sing along,

Are you motherfuckers ready?

For the new shit?

Stand up and admit

tomorrow's never coming.

This is the new shit.

Stand up and admit!

“You know,” the toe headed man’s southern voice broke the silence as he reached forward and turned down the volume, “I’ve been thinkin…”


“Feet pue tan*. You be thinkin’ too much.” The dark man replied with a strong Cajun accent.


“Yeah, that’s me.  A fuckin’ intellectual.” Toe headed scoffed. “Anyway, of all the places in the all the fuckin’ world, why the hell did she choose Bon Temps for us to meet?”


His partner regarded him with amber eyes. “Merde, I dunno.  I jus’ do what she tell me.


A pause.


“She seem a bit…off to you?”


“Off?” the dark one asked.


“Come on now, Claude.” Green eyes stared at him, “You know.  Off.  Weird, strange, off her fuckin’ rocker.”


“Oui, très étrange.” Claude answered.  “Very strange.  Catin* scares me.”


“And yet, you call her a doll.”


“Oui.” Claude answered. “Jolie catin.*  But she scare me.  I dunno what she do next.  I dunno why she have me here, doin’ dis for her.”


The Cajun suddenly grinned and slowly ran his strong hand up the other man’s leg.


“Hey!  Fuck off!!” The younger man pushed the advancing hand away.


Claude only laughed. “Perhaps she give me you?”  Amber eyes glittered with mischief.


“Pic kee toi.*” The younger man stated, glaring at Claude.


“Ah. You offer, Samuel?”


Samuel gave Claude a low, warning growl.  His green eyes turned to wolf amber.


“Tuat t'en grosse bueche*.”   Samuel’s voice came out in a low growl.


Claude laughed once more before turning back to the road. “We be dere soon.  Don’ worry.  You safe,” the vampire leered at Samuel once more. “For now.”


“Shut up, Claude, and just drive the fuckin’ car.” Samuel muttered his voice back to normal. He then turned the volume up on the radio and waited anxiously for their destination.


Spike walked down the sidewalk from the coffee shop in the direction of Wolfram and Hart.  He let his nose guide him as he followed Fred’s scent. He noticed, however, it did not grow weaker, but stronger.


“Now, this is just…weird.” Spike murmured to himself.


The scent led him into an empty, dark alley.  Garbage lined the edges and further up in the alley, a cat growled and hissed at a strange noise. Spike filtered Fred’s scent through stench of garbage and urine.  The smell of warm sugar and jasmine was as strong as ever, but Fred was nowhere to be found.


An object caught Spike’s attention, and he stopped suddenly, bent down, and picked it up.  It was a woman’s shoe, small, brown, and sleek, with a two inch heel.  He didn’t need to put the foot ware to his nose to know it was Fred’s shoe.  He gave them to Fred for her birthday after she told him she needed a new pair.  Spike ran his fingers slowly over the soft leather.


His nose also picked up another scent, coppery, like putting a penny in his mouth.  Fred’s blood.  His eyes scanned the pavement, and sure enough, there were small smears of blood that lead to the other side of the alley.  He followed the trail, which led him to small pool of blood.  Spike touched the now cool liquid and sniffed his fingers.


“Werewolf.” He growled. 



The Distress of Being the Damsel

Distress of Being the Damsel
Chapter 3
The Big Deal With Bon Temps
Part 2

Angel’s skin tingled with the essence of magic as Wesley performed the locator spell.  Angel, Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne huddled around a US road map while Wesley chanted something in Romanian.


“Arată-ne calea de prietenul nostru. Arată-ne calea de prietenul nostru. Ne dezvăluie destinaţia ei. Ne dezvăluie destinaţia ei. Arată-ne. Arată-ne. Arată-ne.*”


Wesley dipped the clear quartz in a bowl of read liquid and placed it on the map.  The small quartz shuttered, and then Angel, Gunn, and Lorne all jumped back when the quartz suddenly took off across the map.


“Whoa!” Gunn exclaimed. “Freaky.”


“Do lawyers say freaky?” Angel asked.


“They do when shit like this happens.”


“There!  The quartz stopped.” Wesley picked it up and the men peered at the map.


The men gazed down at two words on the map.  Bon Temps.


“She’s in Louisiana?” Angel asked and looked at Wesley.


“It appears so."


“What the hell is she doing there?” Angel looked at the map again. “She’s in Louisiana?   Could that thing be wrong?  Maybe we should try it again to be sure.”


“There’s no mistake.  She’s in Louisiana.”


The ring of the office phone cut through the silence.


“Yeah?” Angel answered.


“It’s me.” Spike’s voice came from the other end. “I found her shoes, and some blood, but no Fred.”


“That’s ‘cause Fred’s in Bon Temps, Louisiana.”


“She’s in Louisiana?  What the hell is she doin’ there?” Spike asked.


“That’s what I said.”  Angel was silent for a moment. “Spike, if she’s in Louisiana that means they had to have flown.  It’s at least a 21 hour drive.  And if they had to book a flight that means….”


“That this was planned.” Spike finished.


Angel growled. “Why?  Why take Fred? What’s their reason behind this?"


“That’s what I plan on askin’ ‘em, mate.  But of course, I plan on makin’ ‘em leak various fluids first.”


“Call Harm.  Tell her to get the jet ready.  With our jet, you can be there in about an hour.”


“Got it.” Spike answered as he stopped in front of the coffee shop.  He arrived just in time to see the Viper speed away.  A dirty hand slipped through the window and flipped him off as the Viper disappeared.






“You’re gonna have to send a car for me."


“What?  What happened to the Viper?”


“It appears someone wanted to go for a joyride.”


Spike grinned as he listened to the string of obscenities that came through the phone.   Angel’s reaction was worth the lil’ bastard stealing the car.




Sookie Stackhouse carried a tray of burgers and onion rings to a young couple that sat in the far booth.  She plastered a fake grin on her face when she arrived and set the food on the table.


“Here you are,” Sookie’s grinned as she backed up.  “Can I get ya’ll anything else?  More beer maybe?”


Wow, you’re a pretty young thing. Sookie heard the man’s thoughts as he looked up at her. I wonder if you’re into girls.  Maybe Carrie would be more willing to try things with you. Oh yeah.  That’d be hot.


Sookie fought the urge to smack the young man across the face as she backed up further. “So, you don’t need anything else then?”


Wow.  You’re a strange one. The girl thought. Uh oh.  Greg’s got that look in his eyes again.  How many times do I have to tell him that I’m not into girls, period.  My mama was right.  I can do better. “No, we’re fine.  Thanks.”


“Okay then.” Sookie spun around and made her way back to the bar.  People’s voices began to leak into her brain.


I can’t believe Adel thinks I cheated on her.  It wasn’t cheating.  It was just simple groping.


Bills, bills, bills.  It seems we send out more money than we take in.


 How can I tell my wife I got fired today?


I swear, if he looks at her ass one more time, I’m gonna...


Sookie stopped, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.  She concentrated on shutting down her telepathy until she was able to pull her brain out of everyone else’s.


“You okay, cher?” She heard a concerned voice beside her.


Sookie opened her eyes to see Sam staring at her.


“I’m fine.”


She looked at the doubt in her boss’s eyes as he frowned at her.


“I said I’m fine.” Sookie repeated as she smiled. “Just, lettin’ the voices get into my head more than usual."


“Okay,” Sam backed off, “But if you need anything you know to ask.”


“Yes, I know.  Thank you, Sam.”


“Bill still bothering you?” Sam asked out of the blue.


The question startled Sookie.  Bill was her ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, ex-everything.  He was also a vampire.  The first vampire Sookie ever met, let along got involved with.  Just the mention of his name, and Sookie thought of his soft brown eyes, his cool touch, and the way his smooth voice sounded like silk when he whispered to her.  That thought alone almost made her shiver.


But Bill cheated on her with his maker.  He left saying he was going somewhere out of the country, but ended up going to meet his maker in Mississippi.  When he went missing, Sookie searched for him, only to fine he’d been unfaithful to her.  Even after he cheated on her, she still rescued him and staked his maker.  But their relationship ended.


“No.” Sookie lied.  Every night, she felt him outside her window as he stood guard over her.  Whether he truly felt protective over her, or just guilty for being a bastard, Sookie didn’t know.


“Okay,” Sam could tell she was lying. “I need you to stay and help me close tonight, okay?  Arleen had to go home to her kids, her babysitter’s sick.”


“Sure, I’ll stay.” Sookie smiled at Sam as she held her tray in front of her. She turned to the door when someone called her name.




“Jason!” Sookie walked to the front door to meet her brother. “I haven’t seen you around much.  How are you?”


“Good.  Been busy workin’.”  Jason grinned as he hugged his sister.  “I’ve met someone.  She’s real nice and real pretty.” 


Sookie looked up at her brother’s face and put on a smile. “Oh, that’s great.” Jason was as good looking as they come with his blond hair, blue eyes, and fantastic body. Unfortunately she also knew of Jason’s reputation.  In two words: male slut.  But he seemed really happy, so Sookie tried to be happy for him.


“What time do you get off tonight?” Jason asked as he walked to the bar and sat down on one of the stools.


“I’m helpin’ Sam close up, so probably around 2 am.”


“You want me to come back tonight and follow you home?”


Sookie smiled at her brother, touched by his protectiveness. “No, I’ll be fine.”


“Okay then.  I’ll just head over to Crystal’s.  I can’t wait for you to meet her, Sookie.  She’s a great girl.”


“I can’t wait either.” Sookie lied again.


She’s been doing that a lot tonight.


With a sigh, Sookie walked over to check on her tables.  Hopefully tonight would be a slow night and she could just head home and go straight to bed. If there was one thing she did not need right now, it was to be sucked into another freaky vampire adventure.





 A woman dressed in a long, sleeveless black dress walked through the woods of Bon Temps.  She clutched an abused china doll to her chest with one hand and half carried/half dragged a young girl in the other.  The girl struggled to free her wrist from the woman's steel-like grasp.


"Let me go, you crazy lady!  I don't wanna go anywhere with you."


The woman stopped and turned her heart shaped face to the girl.  She had a strange look of innocent insanity.


"But I can't let you go." the woman replied with a cockney accent. "Miss Edith told me I had to take you. She said you would have told everyone else what I am.  That's very naughty.  Miss Edith said I have to punish you for being so naughty."


“I won't tell anyone, I swear!  Just let me go!"


"I can't,"  the woman repeated, "besides, Miss Edith said my company is close.  Their voices are whispering to me through the stars.  pssst...psst...psst."   The woman continued walking through the woods until they came upon a small wooden cottage.


"Um, that's your cell phone.  It's vibrating."


"Oh." the woman stated simply.  She put the doll on the ground and removed the cell phone that was tucked between her breasts. "'ello?  Daddy?"


"Not quite," a man's voice drifted through the cell. "It's Samuel."


"Sammy!" the woman squealed. "Do you have my present?"


"Uh, yeah.  We got her.  Wasn't easy, but we managed.  We are almost to Bon Temps now."


 If the woman's hand were free, she would have clapped with excitement. "The King shall return to his throne.  It'll be like he never became the jester!"


"Uh, right. Anyway, we'll be seeing you soon.  Bye now." The man hung up.


The woman gazed down at the girl who quit struggling. "It won't be long now.  I took his dolly.  Now he's coming to find her.  Then I'll be his dark queen once more."


"You took who's dolly?"


"Spike.  I took his dolly because he was lost.  He's been lost for a very long time.  I'm going to help him find himself again."


"Lady, you aren't makin' a bit of sense."


"Daddy's gone.  Found his soul.  Grandmother's gone too.  She turned to ash.  Spike has been lost.  I am by myself."  She stood the young girl up to face her.  "I've been quite lonely." 


The girl could only stare at the strange woman in disbelief.


The woman's large brown eyes seemed to glow suddenly as they peered at her victim.  "Look at me.  Look in my eyes.  Be in me."


Drusilla began to sway as she held the girl's hand.  The girl's face went blank and she stared into Dru's eyes and began to sway along with the vampire.  Dru smiled as her face morphed into something more demonic than the girl had ever seen.  Unable to do anything but sway to the rhythm Dru gave them, the girl let out a small gasp as the vampire leaned forward and sunk its teeth deep into her soft neck.


Drusilla drank deeply as the stars above them sang and whispered secrets to her.


Spike would be hers once again.





Author’s note:


A few translations for you.  Mind you my language skills are a bit rusty, so for that I apologize.


* Feet pue tan is Cajun French for “You son of a bitch”


   Merde is a Cajun French cuss word for sh*t


   Oui, très étrange is French for “Yes, very strange.”


   Catin means doll in Cajun French


   Jolie catin means pretty doll in Cajun French


   Pic kee toi in Cajun French means f*ck you


   Tuat t'en grosse bueche in Cajun French is another way to say shut your mouth.


   Arată-ne calea de prietenul nostru. Arată-ne calea de prietenul nostru. Ne dezvăluie destinaţia ei. Ne dezvăluie destinaţia ei. Arată-ne. Arată-ne. Arată-ne is Romanian for “Show us the path of our friend.  Show us the path of our friend. Reveal to us her destination.  Reveal to us her destination.  Show us.  Show us.  Show us.”  (I was going to write it in Latin, but alas, I don’t speak Latin. :) )




The Marilyn Manson song in the Olds Cutless Supreme scene is This is the New Sh*t.  The song belongs to Marilyn Manson, not me.

In His Dreams

A/N:  Okay, I know I'm supposed to be working on The Distress of Being the Damsel, but my silly Muse would not leave me alone until I wrote this short.  Under normal circumstances, I like to stick to what I am familiar with-BtVS and AtS, so this is something completely out of my comfort zone   Anyhoo, with that side note, here comes the disclaimer.  The characters belong to Walt Disney and Walt Disney Productions.  My Muse just likes to play with them.  This has only been written for pleasure not for profit.  Yada yada yada. 

In His Dreams


He sat shirtless on the sandy shore of a deserted island and closed his eyes as he breathed in the salty sea air. The sun beat down on his shoulders and he tipped his head back to feel the heat on his face.  He peeled off his boots and tossed them aside.  He loved to feel the cool ocean water as it purled around his feet. He dug his toes in the wet sand between waves.  This is where he belonged. 

 He turned his eyes to the sound of splashing and watched her as she played in the water.   She was a vision to behold as she giggled and jumped into the oncoming waves.  She wore a light cotton under dress that normally swished around her ankles.  But now, however, the drenched garment clung to every curve and showed off the slender body underneath.

 Beads of water clung to her sun kissed skin and reflected the light as she moved.  The long, chestnut brown hair that normally sat atop her head in a crown of curls now hung loosely down around her shoulders in wet ringlets.  She shook them and sent a spray of water in an arch around her. 

 She turned and smiled when she noticed him watching her.  She gathered her skirt to ensure she didn’t trip and carefully waded through the water toward him.  He looked toward the horizon and watched as the sun began to set behind her.  It bathed her in a golden hue of light as she stood over him and gently smiled.  He looked up at her in amazement; her beauty made him catch his breath. He could not take his eyes off her as she sank to her knees in the sand beside him.  Cool drops of water dripped on his warm body as she leaned closer to place a kiss on his lips.

Just before her sweet lips touched his, the sun dipped below the horizon, and she began to disappear before his eyes.  No!  He begged, Please, not yet.  Let me stay just a little while longer. Please, let me stay.  His hand reached out to caress her face as she softly whispered his name. 


 “Elizabeth.”  Jack whispered back as he woke from his dream to find himself on his dingy, dirty cot in the dark captain’s quarters of the Black Pearl.  He raised a shaky hand to wipe a single tear from his eye.  Jack sighed as he sat up on his cot and held his head in his hands. He pondered which was more unbearable; to have the memory of Elizabeth haunt his dreams; or to wake and face reality without her.

Either way was a nightmare.

The Distress of being the Damsel

Chapter 2



            The heat that plagued the city that day disappeared with the setting sun and the night brought her kiss of cool air.   Spike strode through the halls of Wolfram and Hart after a healthy tussle with a local vamp nest. It seemed the vampires assumed the streets of L.A. were up for grabs once again with Angel as CEO of Evil Incorporated.   What they didn’t count on, however, was a certain blond vampire that took Angel’s place; a vampire that did his part to help the hopeless souls of Los Angeles.

 It was far better that than to stand by and watch as Angel slowly sold his soul to the evil law firm he’d been against for at least five years now.  Spike assumed Angel was bought with the large penthouse office complete with an attached apartment that had a magnificent view of the city below.  Not to mention the expensive, colorful artwork that adorned the walls of both spaces; and his private collection of spectacular cars in his personal garage.  Oh and don’t forget the ability to boss about the little man, a talent which Captain Forehead definitely had already grown accustomed to.


 Yes, Spike could understand Angel’s perspective-that he fought the evil from within.  Still, the younger vampire warned his Sire about “being digested deep in the belly of the beast”, but Angel had scoffed at Spike’s words and assumed his childe was merely jealous, which was completely beside the point. The git was obviously    blind to the severity of his situation.  

However, whether Angel understood his predicament or not, Spike didn’t really care.  He had better things to do than to ponder about the poof’s intensions.  It was time for him to go pay a visit to his girl. He hadn’t seen her all day; however, he heard she was sent on a mission for the lab’s coffee run. How that even came to pass he didn’t know, but he figured she should have returned by now.  He admitted he was more than a little worried; he knew it wasn’t safe for a woman alone on the streets of LA.  It didn’t matter what time of day it was. 

“Oh, bloody hell!” Spike swore as he shook his head to clear his thoughts, “She’s a big girl.  I know she can take care of herself.  I just hope she was smart enough to take someone along with her.”


Spike turned down the hallway which headed in the direction of Wolfram and Hart’s Science Dept. First on his agenda was to make sure his Fred was alright.   Next was to pay that stupid git Knox a visit about his non-functioning gadgets.  He had a dry cleaning bill for the little bastard.  It took Spike forever to find someone who didn’t ask any questions as they cleaned the orange crap off his favorite trench coat. Well, alright, his only trench coat. 

He lips curled into a smirk as he thought about the previous conversation his fist had with Knox’s nose.  Taught the little bugger a lesson, he did.  It felt good too.  Spike couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was off about Knox.  The bloke was like the weasel in the henhouse; up to no damn good. The man couldn’t be trusted, but what really irked Spike was the boyish charm Knox was aiming at Fred, making himself seem so bloody innocent.  For all Spike knew, the little blighter could be hiding in a dark corner somewhere, sacrificing an innocent life to appease some ancient hell god.  He just hoped Fred was smart enough to see the danger signs and not fall into some twisted, crazy trap. 

 “Wait a minute.”  Spike mumbled as he came to an abrupt stop in the hallway.  A petite lady lawyer that had been walking too close behind him had no choice but to smack into his back as she let out a small gasp.  The collision caused not only her armful of papers to fly about everywhere, but also quite a stream of obscenities which flowed from her petite mouth.

 “Excuse you!” she exclaimed as she tried to gain her composure.  She gracefully knelt down on one knee to retrieve her report.  She looked up to see Spike walk away from the catastrophe he caused. “Aren’t you even going to help me?” she yelled at his back as it disappeared around the corner.  “I liked him a lot better when he was a ghost.” She grumbled.  She actually took the time to make an obscene gesture at the empty hallway before she turned on her heel and marched back to her office.

 “Twisted, crazy trap,” Spike softly mumbled to himself.  There was something about those three words…hang on a tick…not three words.  One word.  Trap?  Hmmmm, no, not trap.  Trapped?  Trapped! That’s it! Trapped!

 Spike stood still and closed his eyes. His featured shifted as he let his demon take over.  The ancient, animalistic hunter in him stretched out, looking, feeling for the reason why everything suddenly seemed off.  As it searched, he allowed jumbled words to bounce around his brain.

  “Off…something off. Trapped.  Trapped…gone.  Fred gone…Fred…trapped.  Fred trapped!”

His yellow eyes snapped open before he transformed back into his human state.  “Oh my god!  Fred!”

Something happened to Fred; he felt a chill as the realization sank deep in his bones.  Quickly he changed his direction and headed straight for Angel’s office. Of course the door was closed and through the windows, he could see Wesley and Gunn leaning over Angel’s desk, apparently in deep conversation. 

 “Oh, Spikey?” Harmony chirped up from behind her secretary station outside of Angel’s office.

 “Not now, Harm.”

 “Listen, it’s really important, it…”

 “Can bloody well wait until I’m finished talkin’ to Peaches.” Spike growled back.

 “Fine.  It’s not like you ever listened to me anyway.  I couldn’t possibly know anything important.  I’m like chopped liver over here.” Harmony grumbled to herself as she watched Spike stride into Angel’s office.

 “Oi, Peaches!  There’s an emergency.  I need your fastest….”

 “Yeah, I know Spike.  Fred’s gone missing.  What does it look like I’m doing here…?”

 “You knew?  You knew and you didn’t tell me?” Spike felt his fury begin to consume him.  “You bloody son of a bitch!  Why didn’t you tell me?”

 Wesley looked up from the map spread across Angel’s desk. “We’re clearly working on the situation….”

 “I wasn’t talkin’ to you, Percy.” Spike shot a murderous glare at the former watcher. “This is between Angel ‘n me.”

 Gunn spoke up, “Spike, we’re doin’ the best we can…”

 Spike cut him off with a growl that rumbled deep in his chest.

  “Look,” Angel said angrily as he stepped in front of Spike, “We didn’t tell you because we assumed you already knew.  In fact, this is the first I’ve even seen your annoying face all day, Blondie Bear.   Don’t come into my office and yell acusations about us keeping secrets from you. We are busy busting our asses to find Fred, and therefore, do not need your shit right now.”

 Spike stepped so close to his Sire they almost touched nose to nose.  His blue eyes glowed with the promise of pain as he snarled in Angel’s face.

“I haven’t been here, you moron, because I’ve been out on the streets, doing your damn job of being the soddin’ hero.  So, stop being a self righteous son of a bitch and just tell me what you know.”

“Besides the fact you have once again managed to be a giant pain in my ass?”

 “Yeah?  Well, if you don’t get to talkin’ soon, Peaches, I’m gonna leave an even bigger impression on your lily white ass, you prat!”

  Wesley moved forward and put a hand on each man’s chest as he bravely stepped between the feud.

 “I think,” he began as he separated the vampires, “it would be wise for Spike to track Fred’s scent.  It is quite obvious the two are closer than we all realized.” The watcher ignored the hostel glare Angel sent Spike over his head. “He can start here and go to the coffee shop.  Perhaps he can find something we are most likely overlooking.”

  Spike backed up and nodded his thanks to the watcher.

 “Meanwhile Angel, Gunn, and I will continue our efforts behind the scenes.  I also suggest, Angel, you give Spike all the resources he needs. It will get him on the street and out of your office sooner rather than later.” Wesley quickly added when he caught Angel’s dark look. 

 “Fine, if it gets you out of my office,” He looked at Spike and chose to ignore the smug smile creeping across the younger vampire’s face. “Cash, cars, just tell Harmony to give you whatever you need.  You can use all available resources.  Now, get out before I change my mind.”

 “Gee, thanks pop.” Spike exclaimed as he turned and strode out of the office.  He grinned when he looked into the reflective glass around the door, caught Angel’s reaction and chuckled as poor Wesley tried to calm the outraged vampire.

  “I guess you heard all that, yeah?” Spike asked Harmony as he walked up to her desk.

 “Yeah.  Cash, cars, and whatever else you need.” She looked down as she began to root around her desk for said items. “That’s what I was trying to tell you, ya know.”


 “That Fred was missing.  I tried to tell you because I knew you would want to know.” She raised her hurt eyes to meet Spike’s surprised ones.

 “Harm, I-I’m…”

 “Yeah, I know.” She cut Spike a fairly decent sized check and handed him a Visa card.  She then held a cluster of keys up in front of him. “Take your pick.  I’m not sure which one goes to which car, but they are all pretty nice.”

 A slow grin split his features as he spotted the perfect set. “Thanks Harm.”

 “Yeah, you’re welcome.  Oh and Spike?”


 “Good luck.”

 Spike smiled at the blond as he walked to the elevator. “Thanks, pet.”  He didn’t notice the genuine smile on Harmony’s face when she realized he hadn’t called her “pet”, and meant it, for a very long time.

 “There may be hope for you yet, Blondie Bear.”

After he entered Angel’s garage, Spike pressed the “lock” button on his auto-start key ring.  The red Viper lit up like a Christmas tree, just as Spike knew it would.  What better car to take on a road trip than the Poof’s favorite.  He then pressed “auto start” and listened happily as the engine began to purr.


Distress of Being the Damsel

   I have decided to do a season five Angel crossover with the True Blood series, only I’m following the Sookie Stackhouse book series because I’m not crazy with how the HBO series is going.  My story falls between Club Dead and Dead to the World.  I do not own Angel, True Blood, or any of their characters.  They belong to the brilliant minds of Joss Whedon, Charlene Harris, HBO, and 20th Century Fox, and everyone else who has a piece of them.  I did not write this for profit, only fun. 


 Distress of Being the Damsel

Chapter 1 Hell’s Alley

                It was only an alley, for crying out loud!  Just your average dark, spooky, and somewhat stinky alley, wedged between two very intimidating brick buildings.  It was nothing new-just one of the thousands of alleys found in the Los Angeles area.  Besides, it was the quickest way back to Wolfram and Hart considering she was already 15 minutes late from the much needed coffee run.  Fred glared at the three white sacks that filled her hands as she wondered what in her right mind prompted her to utter the words “Sure, I’ll go get the coffee this time”.   She must have channeled the temporary insanity she’d managed to keep locked away.  “The stupid office people wanting their stupid coffee," She muttered, “what I really should be doing is fixing another of Knox’s stupid ideas for his stupid weapons!”  Fred fumed.  Knox’s weapons had managed to fail once again, which resulted in a very pissed off British Vampire who, unfortunately for Knox, was no longer incorporeal-or chipped for that matter.  Fred heard the commotion, the grunt of a fist hitting flesh, followed by the clatter of expensive equipment as it bounced off the floor.  She managed to rush down the stairs from her upper office to find Knox face up on the floor, his hand being used to stop a bloody nose.  Spike stood over him covered head to toe in stinky, and possibly radioactive orange goo, as he yelled obscenities, death threats, and how hard it was to find a good dry cleaner.

                “Oh….damn it to hell!!” Fred cursed as she actually stamped her small foot in frustration.  Thankfully no one was around to hear her outburst.  Fred’s mother would have had a heart attack if she heard such nonsense flow out of her daughter’s mouth.  Fred began to make her way into the dark alley and screwed her face in disgust as the smell invaded her senses.  The stench of rotten vegetables and meat mixed with the offensive odor of urine was almost enough to make her heave.  She brought the sacks of coffee closer to her face so she could breathe in the rich aroma.  As her eyes darted back and forth, she took in every aspect of the alley from hell.  Fred mentally scolded herself for being so afraid.  She’d survived a demon dimension; she helped Angel Investigations rid the city of the nasty things that went bump in the night; and now she was head scientist at Wolfram and Hart, an evil law firm. Surely, Winifred Burkle would walk through the Alley from Hell and live to tell to tell about it. 

                All of her confidence fled, however, after she heard a rustling noise creep up behind her.  The hair on Fred’s neck stood straight up as she whirled around and nearly dropped the coffee on her feet.  She peered in the direction of the noise and only found a couple of fast food wrappers being tossed about and abused by the wind. 

                “It’s nothing,” she told herself as she willed her heart to stay in her chest.  “I am being ridiculous.  It’s nothing.”  She turned and picked up her pace.  She did not want to be in the alley any longer than she needed to be.

                “I am the only one here,” she whispered to herself when she heard another sound coming from the same direction as before. “I am the only one here, and I am fine.  I am just fine.  In fact, I am righter than rain could ever hope to be.” She heard a loud scraping noise. “Or, I was.  I’m not so sure now.”

                Once again, she turned around and her wide eyes darted frantically from side to side.  She did not see anyone, or anything, but the hair on her neck still stood straight up and a sick feeling gnawed in the pit of her stomach.  Then, in a flash, he was there. She couldn’t see his face, but he looked tall, thin, and he walked toward her with the grace of a predator.  He strolled through the muck that was on the side of the alley floor as if he were in his own back yard.  She watched him stretch out an arm; then it was the sound of sharp claws that scraped against the brick wall that sent her into a panic. An insane, high pitched laugh flowed from his mouth, bounced off the narrow alley, and caused a creepy echo that vibrated down her spine.   A man’s southern sing song voice called up to her.

                “Aw, ‘lil Bo Peep lost her sheep.  She ain’t ever gonna find ‘em!  Filled with blood, they went down so good, and soon, she’s gonna join ‘em!” He sounded like The Joker as he laughed again. "It's time for you to run, 'lil Bo Peep!"

Her brain screamed at her in terror as she turned back around, threw off her heels, dropped the sacks, and took off down the alley.  She didn’t care if her bare feet pounded painfully on the filthy alley floor, cut by the glass and other debris; all she cared about was getting back to the safety of Wolfram and Hart and her boys.  Angel, Wesley, and Gunn would always fight for her, but it was Spike who took on the role as her protector. He spent every day with her in the lab, ghost or no ghost, and kept her company when she felt so lost in her new environment.  He stood outside her office door when she wanted to be alone; arms crossed over his chest as he dared anyone to get past him;  and he watched over her when she worked herself to the point of exhaustion and collapsed to sleep on the leather sofa in her office. So it only made sense that it was Spike’s name she screamed when she felt the presence of evil catch up to her. 

                Suddenly, a man dropped from an upper level fire escape and landed gracefully on his hands and feet in front of Fred.  He stood to face her as a feral grin split his dark handsome features.  His unruly black hair was long enough to reach his shoulders and it framed his face in a way that gave him more of the appearance of an animal than a human.  Then again, perhaps it was the way his eyes glowed deep amber as they followed her every move; or the way his teeth grew longer as his grin grew wider.  Fred felt herself back peddle, only to be reminded of the danger behind her. She heard a sickening sound, like flesh being ripped open, and when she noticed a low growl, she took her eyes off of the man in front of her to find a large grey and black wolf behind her.  Fred shrank against the wall; wide eyes darted between the man and the wolf as they advanced on her.  No!  Not like this!  She was not going to die like this! Not without seeing Spike and her boys one more time.  Fred glanced around the alley and looked for something-anything-that could be used as a weapon as she prepared to fight her way out of Hell’s Alley.  Luckily, she found a long shard of broken glass by her feet and a fairly large, broken brick by the wall.  Weapons of champions, she told herself as she darted down to snatch them up.   She held the heavy brick up like a baseball as she aimed it at the forehead of the dark haired man. His eyes sparkled as he laughed at her, as if he welcomed a challenge.  The wolf just growled and looked at her, as if trying to figure out what she would taste like.   Fred squeezed the glass shard until her she felt it cut into her palm.

                “SPIKE!!” She screamed as threw the brick as hard as she could at the dark haired man. Then she spun on her heel, held the shard of glass in her small hand like a knife, and charged at the large grey wolf with its open jaws. 



Spike Quote of the Day

Spike:  Funny.  I thought I knew exactly where I was (Points to the wall).  A place called The Peppermint Stick.  And that Barbie up on stage is named Sunshine.  Although I am fairly certain that is not her real name.

Angel the Series   Season 5   Soul Purpose

Spike Quote of the Day

Cordelia: I thought he had a soul.
Spike (to Angel): I thought she didn't.
Cordelia: I do.
Spike: So do I.
Cordelia: Well, clearly mine's better.

Angel the Series Season 5  You're Welcome

Spike Quote of the Day

Spike: What?
Xander: Just give it a rest or...(dry heave)
Spike: Or you'll what? Toss your cookies on my shoes?
Xander: Or you'll be undead man walking.  See how fast you can (dry heave)hitch a ride with a flaming...thumb.
Spike: Fine....shrimp.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5   Spiral