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Distress of Being the Damsel

   I have decided to do a season five Angel crossover with the True Blood series, only I’m following the Sookie Stackhouse book series because I’m not crazy with how the HBO series is going.  My story falls between Club Dead and Dead to the World.  I do not own Angel, True Blood, or any of their characters.  They belong to the brilliant minds of Joss Whedon, Charlene Harris, HBO, and 20th Century Fox, and everyone else who has a piece of them.  I did not write this for profit, only fun. 


 Distress of Being the Damsel

Chapter 1 Hell’s Alley

                It was only an alley, for crying out loud!  Just your average dark, spooky, and somewhat stinky alley, wedged between two very intimidating brick buildings.  It was nothing new-just one of the thousands of alleys found in the Los Angeles area.  Besides, it was the quickest way back to Wolfram and Hart considering she was already 15 minutes late from the much needed coffee run.  Fred glared at the three white sacks that filled her hands as she wondered what in her right mind prompted her to utter the words “Sure, I’ll go get the coffee this time”.   She must have channeled the temporary insanity she’d managed to keep locked away.  “The stupid office people wanting their stupid coffee," She muttered, “what I really should be doing is fixing another of Knox’s stupid ideas for his stupid weapons!”  Fred fumed.  Knox’s weapons had managed to fail once again, which resulted in a very pissed off British Vampire who, unfortunately for Knox, was no longer incorporeal-or chipped for that matter.  Fred heard the commotion, the grunt of a fist hitting flesh, followed by the clatter of expensive equipment as it bounced off the floor.  She managed to rush down the stairs from her upper office to find Knox face up on the floor, his hand being used to stop a bloody nose.  Spike stood over him covered head to toe in stinky, and possibly radioactive orange goo, as he yelled obscenities, death threats, and how hard it was to find a good dry cleaner.

                “Oh….damn it to hell!!” Fred cursed as she actually stamped her small foot in frustration.  Thankfully no one was around to hear her outburst.  Fred’s mother would have had a heart attack if she heard such nonsense flow out of her daughter’s mouth.  Fred began to make her way into the dark alley and screwed her face in disgust as the smell invaded her senses.  The stench of rotten vegetables and meat mixed with the offensive odor of urine was almost enough to make her heave.  She brought the sacks of coffee closer to her face so she could breathe in the rich aroma.  As her eyes darted back and forth, she took in every aspect of the alley from hell.  Fred mentally scolded herself for being so afraid.  She’d survived a demon dimension; she helped Angel Investigations rid the city of the nasty things that went bump in the night; and now she was head scientist at Wolfram and Hart, an evil law firm. Surely, Winifred Burkle would walk through the Alley from Hell and live to tell to tell about it. 

                All of her confidence fled, however, after she heard a rustling noise creep up behind her.  The hair on Fred’s neck stood straight up as she whirled around and nearly dropped the coffee on her feet.  She peered in the direction of the noise and only found a couple of fast food wrappers being tossed about and abused by the wind. 

                “It’s nothing,” she told herself as she willed her heart to stay in her chest.  “I am being ridiculous.  It’s nothing.”  She turned and picked up her pace.  She did not want to be in the alley any longer than she needed to be.

                “I am the only one here,” she whispered to herself when she heard another sound coming from the same direction as before. “I am the only one here, and I am fine.  I am just fine.  In fact, I am righter than rain could ever hope to be.” She heard a loud scraping noise. “Or, I was.  I’m not so sure now.”

                Once again, she turned around and her wide eyes darted frantically from side to side.  She did not see anyone, or anything, but the hair on her neck still stood straight up and a sick feeling gnawed in the pit of her stomach.  Then, in a flash, he was there. She couldn’t see his face, but he looked tall, thin, and he walked toward her with the grace of a predator.  He strolled through the muck that was on the side of the alley floor as if he were in his own back yard.  She watched him stretch out an arm; then it was the sound of sharp claws that scraped against the brick wall that sent her into a panic. An insane, high pitched laugh flowed from his mouth, bounced off the narrow alley, and caused a creepy echo that vibrated down her spine.   A man’s southern sing song voice called up to her.

                “Aw, ‘lil Bo Peep lost her sheep.  She ain’t ever gonna find ‘em!  Filled with blood, they went down so good, and soon, she’s gonna join ‘em!” He sounded like The Joker as he laughed again. "It's time for you to run, 'lil Bo Peep!"

Her brain screamed at her in terror as she turned back around, threw off her heels, dropped the sacks, and took off down the alley.  She didn’t care if her bare feet pounded painfully on the filthy alley floor, cut by the glass and other debris; all she cared about was getting back to the safety of Wolfram and Hart and her boys.  Angel, Wesley, and Gunn would always fight for her, but it was Spike who took on the role as her protector. He spent every day with her in the lab, ghost or no ghost, and kept her company when she felt so lost in her new environment.  He stood outside her office door when she wanted to be alone; arms crossed over his chest as he dared anyone to get past him;  and he watched over her when she worked herself to the point of exhaustion and collapsed to sleep on the leather sofa in her office. So it only made sense that it was Spike’s name she screamed when she felt the presence of evil catch up to her. 

                Suddenly, a man dropped from an upper level fire escape and landed gracefully on his hands and feet in front of Fred.  He stood to face her as a feral grin split his dark handsome features.  His unruly black hair was long enough to reach his shoulders and it framed his face in a way that gave him more of the appearance of an animal than a human.  Then again, perhaps it was the way his eyes glowed deep amber as they followed her every move; or the way his teeth grew longer as his grin grew wider.  Fred felt herself back peddle, only to be reminded of the danger behind her. She heard a sickening sound, like flesh being ripped open, and when she noticed a low growl, she took her eyes off of the man in front of her to find a large grey and black wolf behind her.  Fred shrank against the wall; wide eyes darted between the man and the wolf as they advanced on her.  No!  Not like this!  She was not going to die like this! Not without seeing Spike and her boys one more time.  Fred glanced around the alley and looked for something-anything-that could be used as a weapon as she prepared to fight her way out of Hell’s Alley.  Luckily, she found a long shard of broken glass by her feet and a fairly large, broken brick by the wall.  Weapons of champions, she told herself as she darted down to snatch them up.   She held the heavy brick up like a baseball as she aimed it at the forehead of the dark haired man. His eyes sparkled as he laughed at her, as if he welcomed a challenge.  The wolf just growled and looked at her, as if trying to figure out what she would taste like.   Fred squeezed the glass shard until her she felt it cut into her palm.

                “SPIKE!!” She screamed as threw the brick as hard as she could at the dark haired man. Then she spun on her heel, held the shard of glass in her small hand like a knife, and charged at the large grey wolf with its open jaws. 




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Sep. 19th, 2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
Hey, how'd I miss this? Stupid real life, taking up all my reading time! I'm only vaguely familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse books, but what an exciting first chapter! I'm curious to see who this vamp and werewolf are. LOVED Fred having the good sense to ditch her high heels before running, and it's a clever nod to your title "Distress of Being the Damsel."

“Aw, ‘lil Bo Peep lost her sheep. She ain’t ever gonna find ‘em!"

Gah! That's a truly creepy line. O__O *shudder*
Sep. 20th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for your awesome review! I'm pleased you like it. Chapter 2 is finally up; about time! I thought my muse took a vacation.
Anyhoo, thanks again. And just to let you know, I am open to suggestions; so if you have a few just let me know!!

Sep. 20th, 2010 04:05 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks!!
There's a couple of ways you can connect all the chapters together, if you like:

1) After you add a new chapter, post its URL link at the bottom of the chapter before it.

2) And/or: Make a category for the story in your Memories feature, and after you post each chapter, go to the top of that chapter's page and click the red heart icon. That'll take you to the page where you can add that chapter's link to your "Distress of Being the Damsel" category.

Either way will give LJ readers easy access to your entire story; it's similar to the drop-down Chapters menu on fanfiction dot net.

Off to read Chapter 2! :D
Sep. 20th, 2010 01:31 pm (UTC)
Oh this is great! Plotty and I love plotty. I also love TB and Angel so this promises to be fun for me. Thanks for writing!
Sep. 20th, 2010 05:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks so for your review!! I'm hoping to be able to add more chapters soon. :)
Sep. 21st, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
Very interesting beginning. I love the idea of crossing these two verses.

I love that Fred defends herself, but I also love that Spike is her protector. They had such a great connection on the show.
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