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In His Dreams

A/N:  Okay, I know I'm supposed to be working on The Distress of Being the Damsel, but my silly Muse would not leave me alone until I wrote this short.  Under normal circumstances, I like to stick to what I am familiar with-BtVS and AtS, so this is something completely out of my comfort zone   Anyhoo, with that side note, here comes the disclaimer.  The characters belong to Walt Disney and Walt Disney Productions.  My Muse just likes to play with them.  This has only been written for pleasure not for profit.  Yada yada yada. 

In His Dreams


He sat shirtless on the sandy shore of a deserted island and closed his eyes as he breathed in the salty sea air. The sun beat down on his shoulders and he tipped his head back to feel the heat on his face.  He peeled off his boots and tossed them aside.  He loved to feel the cool ocean water as it purled around his feet. He dug his toes in the wet sand between waves.  This is where he belonged. 

 He turned his eyes to the sound of splashing and watched her as she played in the water.   She was a vision to behold as she giggled and jumped into the oncoming waves.  She wore a light cotton under dress that normally swished around her ankles.  But now, however, the drenched garment clung to every curve and showed off the slender body underneath.

 Beads of water clung to her sun kissed skin and reflected the light as she moved.  The long, chestnut brown hair that normally sat atop her head in a crown of curls now hung loosely down around her shoulders in wet ringlets.  She shook them and sent a spray of water in an arch around her. 

 She turned and smiled when she noticed him watching her.  She gathered her skirt to ensure she didn’t trip and carefully waded through the water toward him.  He looked toward the horizon and watched as the sun began to set behind her.  It bathed her in a golden hue of light as she stood over him and gently smiled.  He looked up at her in amazement; her beauty made him catch his breath. He could not take his eyes off her as she sank to her knees in the sand beside him.  Cool drops of water dripped on his warm body as she leaned closer to place a kiss on his lips.

Just before her sweet lips touched his, the sun dipped below the horizon, and she began to disappear before his eyes.  No!  He begged, Please, not yet.  Let me stay just a little while longer. Please, let me stay.  His hand reached out to caress her face as she softly whispered his name. 


 “Elizabeth.”  Jack whispered back as he woke from his dream to find himself on his dingy, dirty cot in the dark captain’s quarters of the Black Pearl.  He raised a shaky hand to wipe a single tear from his eye.  Jack sighed as he sat up on his cot and held his head in his hands. He pondered which was more unbearable; to have the memory of Elizabeth haunt his dreams; or to wake and face reality without her.

Either way was a nightmare.

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